Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A message during the intermission...

OK folks, two more interviews still to come, but I thought I'd take a moment to update what's been going on lately. (Apart from driving my car with four bikes on the roof-rack into an overhead barrier... that was an unhappy day let me tell you!)

BitFilm: well, in the end Clockwork placed 6th out of 15. I was really pleased with that - it's the first time I've ever had a movie in a competition, and I was up against some really strong contenders. If you're into machinima then check out the other entries, and if you're not then what are you reading this drivel for!!!

This week, the big highlight was the first ever Annual Ollie Awards, which was broadcast live on TMOA. The Ollies have been established to recognise the best machinima creations, directors, voice actors et al. The event was hosted by K4 TinMan. I've not heard him before on TMOA, but he did a sterling job of keeping the show moving with his very descriptive commentary. I was priviledged to be announcing the results for Best Drama, which went to Sisch for her astonishing movie Kate Lee's The Afflicted. Sisch went on to collect a total of 10 Ollies! (And Sisch appeared in many other movies as a voice actor, and she even sang in Clockwork)

For my part, I was nominated in four categories, and delighted to win in two; Best Arthouse, and Best Short Form (under 10 minutes). When the winners were announced they were Skyped in to make their acceptance speech. And yes, there were tears! (But not from me, ahem)
There were around 40 people in the chatroom, and it was great to read their comments as the winners were announced. Due to the lag on the audio stream there were a couple of occassions where I saw the congratulatory messages before I actually heard who won, and on the two occassions it was me, Skype rang before I'd actually heard my name read out! The first time I figured that they probably weren't calling to taunt me, so I must have won. It would have been a bit uncomfortable if I was wrong having blurted out my barely comprehensible thank you message!

And today's news is CineManila; I had submitted Clockwork some time ago, and filled out the necessary online form, and then heard nothing. Today, I heard from Sisch that it had been selected, and like BitFilm they're asking people to vote. You need to do the free registration thing again (but that's not too arduous if you get to vote for your favourite movie - right? ;-) )

You can vote for Clockwork and Saving Grace here. (You can also vote for any of the others that you like, if you must... heh!) Just click on Entries, then Short Film to see the submissions.

Right, thanks for reading. And next time it'll be interview #3 from the Cambridge Film Festival...

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  1. Congratulations for the Ollies and great you are on CineManila as well. It's amazing how your and Sich's work is honoured by the TMU community and
    all over the world. I'm in Cinemanila with my movies "9" as Short Film and "the Graveyard" in the Music Video section. Hope a lot of people who like our movies will take the time and effort to register and vote for their favourite movies.