Friday, 31 December 2010

The Last Post. (Of 2010)

Well the year is now drawing to a close, and I suppose it's time for a bit of reflection on 2010 - how was it for you?
For me it's been a pretty good year. I wasn't able to repeat the huge success of Clockwork in 2009, which if I'm honest was something that I was worried would happen. I hope I've not peaked to early! I still think that Embers is actually a better movie that Clockwork. The story is more complete, it required greater technical skill, and it has a slick look that I'm quite proud of. It got great feedback online, but it didn't perform so well in the various competitions it was entered into. No matter, I learned a lot from making that movie.
Then came Ruth. I haven't promoted that one too hard yet - I'll get round to it in the New Year. Again, I was quite pleased with the final result. Although the story might not have been the most original, I think the treatment was, and I managed to squeeze some nice latern effects by playing around with fireballs in Moviestorm (seriously!)
But 2011 is going to open with a bang! Or at least once "the new movie" is ready it will. I'm still not disclosing the name, but I've got a new treatment for this movie that I'm really excited about. Still tons to do, but I feel like I'm really getting somewhere good with this movie, and I think those who thought Clockwork was good will really get into this one.
So, that's it for 2010. You weren't a classic year by any stretch, but not a bad one either so I'll bid you a courteous goodbye and look forward to your successor!
Happy New Year everyone!