Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Trichophagia at MachinExpo 2011!

Just got news this morning that Trichophagia will be screened at Machinima Expo 2011! The Expo weekend is the 19 and 20 November in SecondLife, but films will be screened for the preceeding week, and for the week after. Keep an eye on the Machinima Expo blog for further details.
Thanks to Ricky Grove, Kate Fosk, Kate Lee and Damien Valentine (who comprise the screening team)for selecting my movie.
I'll need to dust down my Steampunk costume if I'm to make an appearance!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Andover screenings, more submissions, and a new script...

The Andover screenings for Ruth went well. The venue had changed from the original plan to a much larger auditorium in the Andover multiplex cinema - this meant that while the capacity had greatly increased it happened too late in the day to publicise it to a larger audience with the result that there were quite a few empty seats in the auditorium. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the event - there were some terrific little movies shown including a deliciously dark comedy called A Fine Wine which doesn't seem to be available online anywhere yet. My movie was well received and I was complimented for the style of the dialogue which (I'm told) was authentic (the story being set in Victorian times).
I've now also submitted Trichophagia to a three more festivals - Atopic in Paris, Machinima Expo in Second Life, and Animarte which takes place across several locations in Latin America. I should really submit more movies to more events, it's just all the paperwork I can't be bothered with!
A special mention should be made for Machinima Expo though - this is the single most important online event in the Machinima calendar. And although it takes place in Second Life, the machinima that is shown is from across the entire spectrum whether it's SL based, game based, scripted (Moviestorm. Iclone, Muvizu) or a mashup of them all. It really is worth attending to broaden your awareness of what's going on out there.
Final bit of news for today. I've officially shelved the second part of Trichophagia. Yes, I thought you'd be disappointed. But the good news is, I've just completed a new script and have started set building. This movie, takes me in yet another direction - so it's not a bleak dystopian tale, nor a twisted sci-fi. I'll post more about it once there's some real progress (such as completing the voice recording) and I have some screenies to show.
Thanks for reading!