Friday, 31 December 2010

The Last Post. (Of 2010)

Well the year is now drawing to a close, and I suppose it's time for a bit of reflection on 2010 - how was it for you?
For me it's been a pretty good year. I wasn't able to repeat the huge success of Clockwork in 2009, which if I'm honest was something that I was worried would happen. I hope I've not peaked to early! I still think that Embers is actually a better movie that Clockwork. The story is more complete, it required greater technical skill, and it has a slick look that I'm quite proud of. It got great feedback online, but it didn't perform so well in the various competitions it was entered into. No matter, I learned a lot from making that movie.
Then came Ruth. I haven't promoted that one too hard yet - I'll get round to it in the New Year. Again, I was quite pleased with the final result. Although the story might not have been the most original, I think the treatment was, and I managed to squeeze some nice latern effects by playing around with fireballs in Moviestorm (seriously!)
But 2011 is going to open with a bang! Or at least once "the new movie" is ready it will. I'm still not disclosing the name, but I've got a new treatment for this movie that I'm really excited about. Still tons to do, but I feel like I'm really getting somewhere good with this movie, and I think those who thought Clockwork was good will really get into this one.
So, that's it for 2010. You weren't a classic year by any stretch, but not a bad one either so I'll bid you a courteous goodbye and look forward to your successor!
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I think Clockwork and Embers were excellent films that showed you growing and developing your imagination and skill. That it didn't get top rating in some festivals is really more a reflection of the festivals than your work. It's all a subjective affair as I'm sure you know. You are one of our best filmmakers and I'm so glad you are working on something new and exciting. I'll always be a big fan, IceAxe. Here's to a great year for you!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new exciting production, for sure. And here's tossing a New Year's lump of coal your way :)

  3. I think it is quite common for viewers and creators to value different theory is that others often appreciate what we ourselves take for granted, or find easy to do. There can be a feeling that 'putting more effort in' should garner more rewards and sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. I know a few directors who sweat their skills on challenging projects which receive little attention, and then somehow break out, say 'stuff this for a lark' make something silly and find it universally loved. Of course the previous learning must be embedded somehow in the latest work, but maybe it isn't worn so
    obviously? Some of your Diesel music vids were a little more roughly finished than recent pieces, but they are still my favourite works of yours. I think you have a talent for comedy & I wish you would revisit it (in your own time fo course!) -Kate