Monday, 29 November 2010

Machinima Expo 2010 Feedback

Those of you who attended this year's Machinima Expo will have witnessed quite a different event to last year's Expo. Much bigger in scale, far more integrated with simultaneous streaming in Second Life and TMU Theatre, and a very polished programme of content.
Sadly, I had a few technical issues as a result of my late switch to Viewer 2... I've never really got on with Second Life to be honest, and using the new viewer simply made the whole situation worse. I missed the keynote speech, and most of the awards while I tried to figure out how to see and hear the content (they seemed mutually exclusive for reasons that are still not clear to me).
On the upside, I met a whole bunch of interesting people - all the usual crowd, plus Matt from Moviestorm, and the new kids on the block from Muvizu.
Congratulations to the organisers - it was obvious you'd worked hard to make it all come together - take a bow!
And speaking of the organisers... they'd like to hear your feedback on the Expo. There's a handy form all ready for your comments. Remember, the more information you can provide the better next year's event will be!

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