Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dave Lloyd at the Cambridge Film Festival

This is the final interview from Cambridge. Dave Lloyd is the Chief Technology Officer at Short Fuze - the company that gave us Moviestorm. Dave is something of a visionary, and in this interview he talks about how they've been working hard to realise that vision.
In addition, Dave reveals that there is a character customisation tool under development which will enhance the customisation options available in Moviestorm - this has been one of the most frequently requested features for some time now - so have a listen to this now!

(Again, apologies for all the background noise!)

Sincere apologies to Sisch... I was presenting the Best Drama category at this year's Ollies (see below) and on this blog I incorrectly said that Saving Grace had won, when in fact it was The Afflicted. Fortunately I got it right on the night!

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