Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We're there!

Machinima Expo 2012 has officially opened its doors, with the screening reel already playing over on LiveStream. The big event though is this weekend with a packed schedule of discussion topics including demos of the major animation platforms used to make "grown-up" machinima.
It all comes to a crescendo on Sunday with the 5th Annual Expo Awards. As mentioned previously, my little football flick The Chapelside Deception is in with a chance of a gong - let's see how it does...!
The Machinima Expo takes place within Second Life, although you can choose to watch via LiveStream if you prefer. If you've never tried Second Life then I'd recommend you have a bash - it's free to sign up, and you can have a blast creating your online avatar. At some point you'll want to get dressed up, and my advice is make sure you've got a Second Life friend on hand to help you out if you want to get involved in any of that malarkey. Last time I tried to get changed I ended up stark naked with no idea of how to recover my clothes (I'm talking about in Second Life of course). Anyways, you should try it, it's fun!
Looking at the schedule you'll see that it's all very clearly laid out with start times for each session. The times refer to Second Life time, which essentially equates to Los Angeles time. If you're in the UK, we're eight hours ahead of LA, so this means the Second Life shenanigans begins at 5pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Hope to see you there at some point, and if it's Sunday I'll either be sipping my virtual champagne, or crying in my virtual soup. Which will it be...?
Some links which you might find useful:
Machinima Expo website
Midnight Manhattan Reverie in Second Life (you'll need to have set up an SL account to get in)
Programme Schedule
List of Screeners

Have fun at the Expo!

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