Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Machinima Expo 2012

I submitted 'Chapelside for the Expo this year (it was the only film I'd made in the past twelve months - each film seems to take longer and longer to finish!) and I was eagerly awaiting news as to whether it was going to be selected for screening.
I heard this week that not only has it been accepted, but it made it onto the shortlist for the Jury prize! In total there were 150 submissions, 10 made it to the shortlist for the Jury to consider. I'm honoured, thrilled, and humbled to say the least! The organisers of the Expo have generously arranged for all 10 shortlisted movies to be submitted to the New Media Film Festival, including the submission fee!
I'm looking forward to the Expo this year, and to get you in the mood, you can see the trailer here.
There's also a great article about the Expo at SingularityHUB
Thanks to the Machinima Expo screening team: Ricky Grove, Kate Fosk, Damien Valentine, thebiz, Sean Heimbuch and Eddie Duggan.


  1. Hey, congratulations, Iain! Your film grew on the screening team with repeated viewings. Eventually, the film fit perfectly with the other Jury nominees. Great work and good luck!

  2. Congratulations Iain, and good luck with the Jury and the NMFF.