Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Big-Screen Premiere for Chapelside

Well the big news I have today is that The Chapelside Deception will be shown on the big screen for the first time this weekend at the Red Carpet Screenings which is part of the Basingstoke Festival. It's the first year of the festival which is intended to "showcase the wealth of talent and community spirit [in Basingstoke]", and I'm thrilled to be part of it.
In fact, there are two screening programmes; one on Saturday which will include Clockwork, and then on Sunday the Chapelside Deception will be shown. The event will have coverage from BBC Radio Berkshire (even though Basingstoke is actually in Hampshire...), and from Screen South.
The thing I really like about these types of events is the chance to meet other film makers, and see what they've created whatever medium they work in. Although I've not been to the Red Carpet Screenings before (in fact, I wasn't even aware of them), I did uncover this little gem when doing my research. It's by Pork Chop Pictures, and is called Meat, and it's not for the faint hearted - enjoy!
Also, I've just submitted Chapelside to the Machinima Expo. The expo is probably the single most important event in the machinima calendar (you didn't know we had a calendar, did you?) so I'll keep you posted as to whether it gets accepted.

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