Saturday, 5 May 2012

And... relax!

Finally, finally, The Chapelside Deception has been published!
You can see it on YouTube here, or on Vimeo here.
The film has a football theme, but it's not about football per se. I'm not actually that interested in football, but the off-pitch stories do sometimes intrigue me. I was originally driven to write the script by the obvious and apparent corruption which contaminates the entire game from the top to the bottom. It's clear to me that there's something rotten at the core of Fifa - and I'm thinking about the way the Russian and Qatar World Cup Final competitions were awarded. It's not just sour grapes because England didn't get it (as I said, football isn't really my bag, and besides I'm Scottish!), but the fact that the English bid was far and away the best one, and the favourite until money started changing hands...
Then we had the vote for the new Fifa president, with only one candidate (the incumbent). And that was because the only other candidate was... well... got rid of shall we say? Yep, something isn't right at the top.
And what really is the objection to using video for goal line judging? How many times have we seen TV replays showing the wrong decision was made. Is there a sinister shadow of corruption settling on the game...?
OK, so before I say something that get's me into trouble, let me also say that the I had originally set out to create something like The Damned United, which was a fine film that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Let me know what you think about The Chapelside Deception.
Oh, and if you happen to run into Bob Johnson, I'd love to hear what he's up to these days!

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