Saturday, 28 January 2012

Movies that inspired me

There's a very interesting thread over on the Moviestorm forums where users have been asked to nominate their favourite movies for the Hall of Fame. It's basically a list of nominations, (although you're allowed to nominate your own movies, which seems a little odd to me. Even odder, you're allowed to nominate your own movies in secret by PMing Moviestorm!)
I've posted a list of movies which for a variety of reasons have inspired me along the way. Sometimes because of attention to detail, or overall quality, or because of the story, or because it was funny, etc. However, it's not just Moviestorm movies that have encouraged me along the way, so here's my list including movies shot in Second Life, The Movies, and other software;

The Unexpected, by Kkffoo
Saving Grace, by Sisch
Le Rondeau, by Primaveranz
I bin gat wat taem, by Primaveranz
Blue Knights: The Jumper, by act3scene24
Merry Christmas, Sweetheart (number 10), by act3scene24
Control Point, by Mellowhardy
Northern Lasses (series), by Luxaeternam
Albion, by Luxaeternam
Danse Macabre, by Poulet Noir
The Stolen Child, by Lainy Voom
The Wizard of OS, by Tom Jantol
The Shadow Over Innsmouth, by JosephKW
Coming Home, by Lizard
Orientation, by Chantal Harvey
Family Values, by Edan Mackenzie

Generally speaking, these directors only do good stuff - you can pick any of their completed movies and see something impressive. Hopefully there's something in this list that you haven't seen before.
I'd be interested to hear any recommendations you have for movies worth watching. (Other than your own of course...)

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  1. I like things that are well-written, which is why you feature in my (fairly short) list of quality directors whose work I will watch even if it's a long piece.
    I think you've made a pretty good list of reputable names, although two notable omissions (besides yourself) in my view would be Kibishipaul and Chat Noir Studios.
    The Moviestorm thread seems disproportionately overpopulated with horror and space flicks, which is probably a good reflection of the average user who hangs out there at the moment. Some of them are good, but I always get a feeling of 'déjà vu' when I watch this type of movie. Then again, perhaps I'm just a bit snobbish!