Thursday, 12 January 2012

Muvizu - First Impressions

Today I had a chance to see a demo of Muvizu for the first time, capably delivered by one of the developers. I've been aware of the software for some time now but haven't really properly investigated.
As you're probably aware Muvizu is an animation package built on the sublime Unreal engine. It is still in public beta but has a very slick, polished feel. What I was most impressed with were the camera focus and depth of field controls, and the beautiful lighting system which allows the director to create tremendously atmospheric and shadowy scenes.
The other striking thing about Muvizu is the cartoony nature of the characters and props. Any movie made with this software is gonna have to have a punch line!
David, who was demonstrating, claims that Muvizu isn't a competitor as such for Moviestorm (my current weapon of choice), and I'd have to agree, to a point. Sure, it's going to appeal to those of us with a creative need to make animations, but the type of movies you want to make are going to dictate the best tool for the job; you want thought-provoking drama? Moviestorm or iClone is probably the right tool. You want to have a stab at creating your own Toy Story or WallE? Muvizu has gotta be consideration.
Will I give it a go? Probably. If I can ever find the time, and right now isn't the time. Of course I'm notoriously impatient when it comes to learning new applications. But Muvizu did look very approachable.
Have you used it? How did you find it?

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