Tuesday, 23 March 2010

So what happened Iain?!

Well, let me firstly publicly apologise to Ricky Grove and Phil Rice for pulling out of Machiniplex 3 at extremely short notice. And for everyone who did make it, I'm truly sorry I wasn't there.
So what happened? Well, no great disaster as such - I just got my dates a bit screwed up. Ricky had checked my availability, and I confirmed it was fine. Unfortunately I had a prior engagement and being a bit of a disorganised sod I hadn't written it down anywhere useful, like in my diary.
I'm feeling suitably embarassed by all this, especially considering the organising and promotion that goes into the event.
Anyway, it won't happen again...

OK, moving on then... the Machinima screening in Leicester was very interesting. It was hosted by Dr. Tracy Harwood, and Chantal Harvey (who joined via Second Life). Tracy gave a very interesting talk about machinima as a social phenomenon, and screened some movies that I'd not seen before such as the 1K Project by Blackshark, Divas by Phalen Fairchild, and some favourites such as Lainy Voom's Push. But the big movie was the world premiere of Tom Jantol's The Remake. I think this has still to be published online so I won't say too much about it other than if you're familiar with Tom's work then you'll not be disappointed!
I also had a chance to chat with Tracy in the bar afterward as well as some of the audience, and of course Roger from TMOA Radio ("the Roger from the Ken and Roger Show!") and his son Scott. It was a great night, and well worth the trip up to Leicester.

I've also published a couple of new 29 second shorts as entries in the Doritos ad contest. I think there may be a problem with the encoding (at their end) as the quality isn't wonderful. I might look into this a bit more if I get a chance.

Here are my entries from the Vimeo site; Stoat & Onion, and Hello Mum.

That's it for now!


  1. We missed you on sunday, but don't worry about it, Iain, as I've made scheduling mistakes myself. The good news is that the topic was so well received that we plan on extending the discussion on directing actors into April as well. And I'd love for you to be one of the guests again. This time we'll check with your wife, too!

    We plan on releasing the audio from the event tomorrow or thursday, so you'll be able to listen to the discussion. I'll be doing a short write up as well and include your notes.

    Sounds like the Leicester event was excellent. I love tom's work very much and hope to see Remake next Sunday at TMOUnderground studios.

    Good luck with your Doritos entries!

  2. Mplex went fine, Chantal did a great job and everyone chipped in. Hope you can make it to next one, voice acting was obviously a hot topic and R& P are planning to focus on really practical stuff like microphone technique for the next meeting.
    Can I say KNICKERS and kick myself, I didn't know the Leicester screening was available in second life :(

  3. Kate, the Leicester screening wasn't available online - Chantal was in SL but the movies were screened locally. Chantal gave an introduction to a couple of movies that she has made (Joy of Music, and another one set in Paris - can't remember the name!) and before each movie she TP'd to the filming location, told us a bit about it, then Tracy ran the movie. It worked quite well actually.