Monday, 15 March 2010


This coming Sunday (21 March) sees the next installment of the Machiniplex forums taking place in Second Life. The topic this time is "Directing Voice Actors", and I'll be joining the panel along with Chantal Harvey (organiser of the Mamachinima festival), and hosts Ricky Grove and Phil Rice.

Full details of the event are here.

The event takes place in Second Life, and if you've never tried SL before then this would be a great starting point. You need to download and register (all free), and I'd recommend you do that in advance so that you a basic idea as to how to steer your avatar around...

Hope you can join us! (And if you do, make sure you ask plenty of questions)


  1. Hi Iain, I must admit my usual time confusion is doubled at the moment with the US, USA summer time disparity. What is your understanding of the GMT start time for this event?

  2. Hi Kate, I *think* it is 7pm GMT - that's according to

  3. Hi guys. The start time is 12PM Pacific/7PM GMT. We just "sprang ahead" and turned out clocks forward one here in the US.

    Thanks for posting on this, Iain. Look forward to talking with Kate, Phil, and you on this topic. Should be fun!