Friday, 13 September 2013

Amazing modelling software!

Before you get too excited, yes I'm still on a break from film making. However, I saw this demonstration of software which can create a 3D model from a 2D photograph which I thought you should check out. If this software is anything like as easy to use and powerful as it appears then I am truly astounded!
As a film maker I always need to bring in props for set dressing. It's paying attention to the details which helps give a film it's polished feel. However, I'm not much of a modeller myself, and rely on those who are more talented than I am to come up with complex models. I have had some success making simpler models (e.g. the interior of a railway carriage for Ruth), using Sketchup. That software is reasonably easy to get the basics right, but I'm not prepared to invest the time to become an expert. That said, this 3-Sweep software looks like it has learned from the ease-of-use that we see in Sketchup and applied it in a jaw-droppingly brilliant way.
Of course, there's no word in the video as to how much this software might cost, and I fear that if they are targeting professional users then it will be placed firmly beyond the reach of us amateurs. But I've got my fingers crossed just in case!
(Thanks to Primaveranz for posting the link to this)

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  1. It looks good for 2d image editing so I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up in Photoshop sometime soon.