Friday, 11 February 2011

Trichophagia to premier on Indy Theater

Well Trichophagia is now locked and loaded for it's first public screening at Indy Theater (previously known as TMU Theater) on 25 February at 9pm (UK).

Normally, when I complete a movie I like to get it out into the wild as soon as possible, but I'd been chatting with D.L. Watson, the proprietor of Indy Theater, about possibly doing a premier at the theater while I was working on Ruth. When that movie was complete I didn't think that it was quite right for the online machinima audience (I was wrong), and vowed that my next movie would have it's first showing at Indy.
I think that Trichophagia is possibly much more usual fare for those who enjoy machinima - although I like to think that it's a bit of a strange movie because... well... it is! Again, I could be wrong...
Visually, it's inspired by graphic novels and comic books (as I previously posted), but most exciting (for me anyway!) it's the first time that it has had a custom score written for it. This time, Paul Radford (Chill) very kindly developed a score which fits perfectly with the dark, gritty visuals, and helps raise the tension. Chill indeed! Working with Paul was very easy as he immediately understood what I was looking for, and took my feedback and suggestions very positively - I know that we creative folks sometimes don't like others treading on our ideas! It's the first time I've had a positive experience from collaboration (after the sad demise of "Gridlock"). I'm sure I'll be doing more stuff with Paul in the future.
There's also a number of custom models which were developed for the movie, without which I wouldn't have been able to create it - so thanks to Ian West, Chris Dyer, Squirrelygirl, and John Herd (who created a model for me in record time.)
OK. that's all for now. Hope to see you at the premier!

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