Monday, 9 November 2009

The Atopic Interviews

While at the Atopic Film Festival in Paris recently, I had the opportunity to interview two "movers and shakers" from the French machinima scene.
Xavier Lardy and Frederick Thompson have been instrumental in making the first ever French machinima festival a reality, and it was fascinating hearing from them about the machinima scene in France.
I appreciate they time they took to speak to me because they had both had very long days!
Xavier Lardy is the webmaster of Click here to listen.
Frederick Thompson was on the creative team behind Atopic. Click here to listen.
I hope you enjoy the interviews!
(After I returned from Atopic I heard Clockwork was one of the three Audience Choice awards. The prize was to have the movie screened at La Geode. I wasn't there to see it myself, but thanks to everyone who voted!)

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