Saturday, 29 August 2009

BitFilm Voting Now Open!

I've been offline for the past two weeks (with the exception of a 30 minute session in an internet cafe) so I've loads of catching up to do.

I managed to get Cloud Angel online at the main sites before we rushed out the door and it's been very interesting reading the comments. Pleased to say that the responses are generally very positive, although I can see that there are a few comparisons to Clockwork where it's clear that Cloud Angel isn't hitting the mark.

Well, that's OK. I'll be talking a bit about why Cloud Angel is the way it is in a forthcoming blog, but for now forget all that because... (drum roll) for Clockwork at the BitFilm festival is now open (yippee!).

If you saw the movie and liked it, then you can show your support by voting here. REMEMBER: Every vote placed means one less kitten being put into the washing machine. Help stop this unneccessary suffering! Save the kittens*

BTW, I had thought that the September issue of 3D World Magazine would include a DVD with all the entries, but it seems this isn't the case (can you imagine my disappointment?!) Am investigating now, but if anyone could shed any light on this I would be grateful.

*Oh lighten up - I'm only joking! There are no kittens.

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