Sunday, 12 July 2009

Welcome to my new blog

A friend of mine recently commented that writing a blog is the "sort of thing" that I might do. I think we'd been discussing blogging in general and we'd decided that it wasn't the sort of thing that people who have a life should be doing. And I do have a life - at the moment I'm in the throes of putting together my new machinima masterpiece which means spending far too many long hours on the PC in a darkened room, endlessly scrubbing back and forth the same 10 second segment trying to get it just perfect.

Which is no life at all.

So, as we all know it's healthy to take a break from time to time... which I am doing by spending more time at my PC. It's a vicious circle, isn't it?

Right, there are any number of blogs about machinima and anymation already out there, so why do I feel the need to create another? Well, I tend to lurk around a couple of the forums, chipping in when I think I have something to say, but I often find that when I do want to say something it is more than a throwaway comment, and who wants to read 10 paragraphs from an opinionated Scotch bloke (yes, I can be self-effacing!). So if you come here, that's what you're gonna get.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope that I can come up with some content that you find worth reading!


  1. "... an opinionated Scotch bloke..."? Damn that's got me curious.
    You must be American, or you wouldn't say "Scotch" :)

    Welcome to blogging! Your first post gets pedantically disassembled by a Scot. (never self-effacing by the way)

    Oh! I just spotted that you're IceAxe!
    I should have guessed that you were the brains behind Deisel.

    But, really, Scotch? Oh dearie, dearie me. My crofting mothers weeps :)

  2. Maybe he just likes Scotch, you pedantic hairy-arsed bugger ;)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging; long may you entertain us with your thoughts and waffle (and ignore that grumbling get in the corner; it's only Norrie :P)